Calzolaio Francesco

Trompe l'oeil and fine art














Francesco Calzolaio was born in 1900 in Bari (Italy), currently working and lives in Ghent (Belgium) not far from Sint-Martens-Latem, cradle of Flemish painters Anti-conformistic and free-spirited, he has enriched his life and living working in different European countries, becoming a poliglotta and passionate in the study of the art of painting. Even in his early years, he was always interested in this and looking to improve his knowledge in paint techniques of the great artists in history. In his art he reigns taste of realism, uncompromising any type idealism but more importantly, a search spasmodic new thematic and artistic horizons move away from thema was dear to him. His work exhibited in galleries and private collections in the world demonstrate its pictorial of estrogen engineering and quarantennale of experience. Looking at his work on rest ecstasy by his subjects and that "versatility" personal techniques, the the use of colors and, above all, the importance that he gives to detail gives a clear evidence of his passion, the spirit of each event    (Fausto Montanari)